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Is Multifamily Still A Good Investment This Year?

Yes, apartments are still a good investment, but for more fundamental reasons than during the past eight years. What I mean by this is apartments have always been a good investment. Unlike other commercial real estate investments, apartments are tied much more to residential trends and demographics.

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Increasing E-Commerce Demands Causes Tighter Warehouse Space Growth

Warehouse space keeps getting harder to find as the drive toward online retail sales pushes more goods into already-squeezed U.S. distribution centers.

The availability of industrial property declined in the third quarter as nearly 50 million square feet of warehousing capacity came onto the U.S. market in the three-month period, according to real-estate brokerage firm CBRE Group Inc. CBRE +0.46% Distribution and e-commerce fulfillment operations are moving into new space just as quickly as it is being built, CBRE said.

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In This Age of Technology, How Can Commercial Real Estate Investors Protect Their Property?

With a growing number of employees working from home and 96% of people shopping online, protecting your commercial investment property is more important today than it has ever been.

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New to Commercial Real Estate? Here Are The Things You Need to Know

Real estate investing often comes down to one big question: residential or commercial space? While residential investors may think they have the knowledge and skills to enter the commercial real estate(CRE) game, there are many differences between the two markets. Without a solid understanding of property valuation, rent structure and the various segments of CRE, you may find yourself in over your head.

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Commercial Real Estate Investors See Co-Working Office Spaces Favorable

"Co-working has captured the attention of both occupiers and investors and continues to gain traction in commercial real estate," said Scott Marshall, Americas President, Advisory & Transaction Service and Investor Leasing, CBRE. "While many investors are deciding how to participate, in general, investors have concerns that if co-working comprises more than a third of the rent roll of an asset, the long-term capital value could be negatively impacted."

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Finding Continued Value in Multifamily Investment

With concessions ticking up and rent growth slowing, is it time to question or finetune allocation levels and strategies in multifamily investing?

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