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What Are The Commercial Real Estate Value Factors You See Everyday?

When you drive by a strip mall, you probably notice it in an absentminded sort of way. Maybe you get a little hungry if there is a popular restaurant you particularly like out front, or maybe you remember you had been meaning to stop by that big-box arts-and-crafts or DIY store. Every single one of those thoughts is a gold mine of information to a commercial real estate investor, and each retail outlet can tell you dozens of facts about that commercial property.

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NEW LISTING - Fairview Office Owner/User. $1.6m

Fairview Office is a fantastic opportunity for an owner/user looking for additional lease income, or an investor looking for a value-add investment.

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Investing Dilemma: Should You Buy Nice Properties with Low Returns or Cheap Properties with High Returns?

Numbers are really pretty, aren’t they? I mean, we are all in real estate investing, and it’s likely that everyone here is out for the numbers. So shouldn’t we always go for the highest ones available?

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How to the Increase Net Operating Income of Your Multifamily Property

When it comes to property management, the rule of thumb says expenses take up around 50% of your income.

Read that again.

Around 50% of your rental income will go directly to the expense column.

It may not happen with the first property or the next — but as you grow, the expenses eventually add up across your assets (repairs, new roofs, vacancies, and so forth).

It goes without saying: The way you manage your properties can make or break you as an investor. Of course, with commercial investments, your NOI is directly tied to your valuation (and your equity!), making effective management even more crucial.

Beyond raising rents — which has been covered here — what are some effective ways to unlock profits? Here are three quick tactics that will boost your portfolio bottom line.

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Commercial Investment Activity in U.S. Continue to Grow in 2018

Los Angeles number one target, but smaller metros show strength.

"Despite the possibility of escalating interest rates, the vast majority of investors intend to acquire assets in the Americas in 2018. Risk tolerance is expected to remain unchanged, but investors' search for yield and asset diversification is pushing them toward value-add assets, secondary markets and "alternatives" in 2018," said Brian McAuliffe, President, Institutional Properties, Capital Markets, CBRE.

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