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Commercial Real Estate Dilemma: To Lease a Property or to Purchase Your Own Property?

A common dilemma that many business owners face is whether to own or rent a business property. The decision often involves some consideration of what, if any, tax benefits are involved. Indeed, it can be taxing to understand all of the facts, nuances, codes and exemptions involved. After doing some research into the benefits of buying versus leasing commercial real estate, I was surprised to find so few articles that help make the issue accessible for those who are not tax law experts.

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What's the Value of Real Estate Invesment Offerings for Secondary and Tertiary Markets?

As the president of a development company and co-manager of a private equity real estate fund, I’ve had the unique opportunity to spend hours analyzing market trends in pursuit of good real estate deals. Much of that time has been spent looking at secondary and tertiary markets. Over the last 20 years we have successfully purchased, entitled and developed projects in nearly every asset class in secondary and tertiary markets across New Mexico, Texas, Florida, South Carolina and Arizona.

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The Blockchain Era in Commercial Real Estate

Imagine a world where property transactions are fast, efficient and free of cumbersome contracts. 

Five years ago, this may have seemed like a pipedream that was light years away. But as new technology begins to seep into the commercial real estate landscape, this dream could soon become a reality. Blockchain, the technology that allows information to be stored and distributed through a digital ledger, will begin to impact commercial real estate. Blockchain functions on a decentralized system, meaning transactions can be completed without intermediaries. Instead, digital contracts allow users to exchange anything of value, from property to shares, through an encrypted ledger that can be stored and shared. 

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What is Co-Working and How Major Corporations are Leveraging Its Trend?

Coworking made its mark as a solution for startups in need of a flexible, affordable place to house their teams while they proved out their idea. Spaces like WeWork, Industrious and Knotel became popular not only for their flexibility, but for the stellar amenities they offered. CEOs could treat their teams like royalty—think high-end coffee, beer on tap, HR perks and free events—without ever signing a long-term lease.

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What is Cost Segregation and How can it Help Real Estate Investors?

Cost segregation studies, or cost segs, have been a widely used accounting tool by real estate investors as a way to preserve capital and realize significant tax benefits through accelerated depreciation, asset reclassifications and easier write-downs when assets are disposed of. However, with tax reform, many investors are asking whether or not cost segs will continue to benefit them.

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Lenders Fight for Market Share with Multifamily Deals

Multifamily investors are still able to get low interest rates on permanent loans as different lender groups continue to compete for market share.

“The competition between the agencies and life companies is creating bidding wars on the debt side, with increased interest-only and decreased spreads a requisite to win deals,” says Brandon Harrington, managing director with JLL Capital Markets.

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