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Where Can Investors Find Value During This Time of Market Shifts?

The multifamily market continues to outperform other sectors, with acquisitions totaling $35 billion in Q1 of 2018. This demonstrates strong investor appetite for multifamily product as well as high investor activity in the market.

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The Reasons Why Mid-Rise Buildings Are Now Called "The Future of Office Investments"

With office occupancy rates steadily rising and asset prices reaching new highs, investors are looking for the next best bet for office investment, especially in high-demand central business district (CBD) markets. However, according to a recent report by JLL, office vacancies rose to 14.9 percent by the end of 2017, and are expected to reach an even higher percentage by the end of 2019. Obviously, traditional investment in high-rise office product is no longer the strongest opportunity for investors.

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Learn How Single-Tenant Office Assets are protected by Lease Agreements

There’s advice experts can offer borrowers on structuring leases to help protect their interests if something goes wrong.

Single-tenant office buildings present a greater risk for loan default than multitenant assets because the sole income stream is dependent on one tenant. But there’s advice experts can offer borrowers on structuring leases to help protect their interests if something goes wrong.

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Is This The Best Time to Sell Your Apartment?

As a multifamily real estate investor, you probably get calls from brokers all the time telling you now is the perfect time to sell. The reality is that there is no perfect time. Because there are numerous parameters, the decision to sell is beyond anyone’s knowledge but yours. After analyzing clients’ decisions over the years, four key buckets stand out in determining if it is time to sell: macroeconomic trends, microeconomic trends, asset-specific factors and personal factors.

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What's the Impact of E-commerce to Commercial Real Estate?

We currently sit in the midst of an industry overhaul. Where commerce and consumerism once (not too long ago) meant going to the nearest mall or store, now we associate it with logging onto the latest e-commerce hub and waiting for the package to arrive on our doorstep two days later. Evolution is inevitable in any sector of course, but the rapid change stimulated a shift in commercial real estate as well. Where the norm of commercial real estate was once retail, it's now shifting to focus on commercial infrastructures like office spaces and warehouses

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The 5 Common Areas Investors Fail to Give Attention to When Analyzing Real Estate Deals

When you analyze a buy and hold property, one of the biggest pitfalls is overlooking various expenses and areas of the building. In today’s video, I share with you the top five most common factors that often get overlooked by many real estate investors.

Let’s jump into it!

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